“We have been producing precast and prestressed products which require the use of Microsilica 600 in the concrete to achieve the required design life for durability. We were confident that Microsilica 600 was the right product to achieve the outcomes and the additional benefit of Golden Bay Cement’s ability to blend the binder and deliver one product to our plant removed any complication or mixing issues in our manufacturing process.”

Ian Finlayson General Manager, Operations, Stresscrete Northern Ltd

Stresscrete is New Zealand’s longest serving supplier of precast and prestressed concrete and are supplying numerous North Island Projects.



Garry Concrete Products


“Our customised batching facility enables us to produce a very high strength, durable concrete to meet the harsh environment our products are subjected to. Golden Bay Cement was able to assist with the blending of different cement and Flyash ratios to optimise the mix design requirements.  The convenience and accuracy of having bulk deliveries of blended product has meant quality assurance is more easily managed”.

Ric Garry Managing Director, Garry Concrete Products Ltd

Duracrete specialise in the manufacture and supply of high quality precast Water Tanks, Cleanstream Sewage Treatment plants and a range of rural products.



Wilson Tunnelling


“The concrete for the precast segments is required to be low slump, with high early strength, high durability and have a good finish. The binder for the concrete is a key component in achieving these results. Golden Bay Cement’s unique ability to offer a number of combinations with capability to assess, interpret and offer recommendations is a real point of difference”.

Dan Wilson, Wilson Tunnelling

Wilson Tunnelling specialise in the most up-to-date methods of precast segment design and manufacture for TBM bored tunnels and shafts. As part of the Well Connected Sub Alliance they will cast approximately 24,000 segments, over a 12 month period, to construct the 2.5 Km twin tunnel for the Waterview Connection.