EverPlus Class C Fly Ash

Fly ash is defined as solid material extracted from the flue gases of a boiler fired with pulverised coal. Golden Bay Cement provides the solution of handling Fly Ash for Genesis Energy from their Huntly power station.

EverPlus Class C Fly Ash is produced from the burning of sub-bituminous coal. Materials with pozzolanic properties such as EverPlus contain reactive silica and alumina that will, in the presence of water and free lime, react to produce additional cementitious compounds. In addition to having pozzolanic properties, EverPlus also has some ability to harden and gain strength in the presence of water alone.  EverPlus therefore meets the chemical composition outlined in ASTM C618 and is referred to as a Class C fly ash.

EverPlus Class C Fly Ash meets the requirements detailed in AS3582.1. EverPlus can be used to enhance a number of concrete properties and is used to develop concretes that provide efficient solutions to complex design and constructional requirements.


The benefits include:

Plastic concrete
  • Workability enhancement
  • Placement and finishing efficiency
  • Pumping efficiency
  • Reduced concrete water demand
Hardened concrete
  • Engineering design efficiency
  • Reduced drying shrinkage where lower water demands are achieved
  • Increased long-term compressive strength development
Durability and other properties
  • Increased sulphate resistance
  • Increased chloride resistance
  • Reduced heat of hydration
  • Achieving greater sustainability with supplied materials

EverPlus Class C Fly Ash can also be used in cement stabilisation to achieve specific requirements such as increasing placement times, improving long term bearing capacity and to assist with compaction.


EverPlus Class C Fly Ash is available in multi-walled paper sacks and in bulk.

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Bulk Bag









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