Our Community

Golden Bay Cement is committed to making a positive difference in our community. Our focus is on developing programmes that strengthen and improve the communities in which we operate.

The Golden Bay Cement Sponsorship Fund supports local projects that bring the community together or enhance the environment. The Fund is focused in areas in which our sites are located. It is just one way we recognise the importance of local communities to our operations.

Bringing Communities Together:

Our Sponsorship Fund brings people together in activities that will have a positive effect on many people within that community. Examples of previous community sponsorships include:

  • Assisting with rural events such as school agricultural days
  • Services vital to community well-being such as the Coastguard
  • Product for school fundraisers, minor construction projects and maintenance

Enhancing the Environment:

The Sponsorship fund is used to support sustainable initiatives. Examples of previous environmental sponsorship include:

  • Improving the habitat of native species and increasing biodiversity outcomes
  • Environmental education programmes in schools
  • Riparian planting projects

How is Funding Allocated?

We review all sponsorship applications against the fund’s objectives and criteria. Priority is given to those applications that:

  • Request product over monetary donations
  • Support local communities in a way that helps them help themselves and delivers measurable benefits to the community
  • Are wide reaching within the local community.

Sponsorship Criteria

Any charitable trust, incorporated society, sports club or school that promotes community spirit or environmental sustainability can apply for sponsorship. Priority is given to groups or projects located within 30km of one of our sites. This includes the following areas:

  • Auckland
  • Bay of Plenty - Mt Maunganui
  • Hawkes Bay - Napier
  • Marlborough - Picton
  • Northland – Portland and Hikurangi
  • Taranaki – New Plymouth
  • Waikato – Rotorua
  • Wellington – Belmont/Petone

Note that Golden Bay Cement will not consider sponsorship requests for any of the following:

  • Individuals/Individual Activities
  • Religious or political lobby groups/activities
  • Retrospective events or activities
  • Activities that appeal to a very small group or which exclude or discriminate
  • Organisations associated with tobacco, drug, alcohol consumption
  • High risk sports or activities
  • Overseas organisations, trips, projects or activities
  • Ongoing operational or salary costs
  • Trips with requests for travel, accommodation and food costs.
  • Applications submitted by an employee of Fletcher Building or their immediate family.

How to Apply:

Check the criteria and terms and conditions to see whether you are eligible to apply, complete the application form and send to:

Email: sponsorship@winstoneaggregates.co.nz.

Postal Address: GBC Winstone Community Sponsorship Fund, PO BOX 17 195, Greenlane, Auckland 1546

There are five funding rounds each year (see below). Please apply in plenty of time to ensure that there is enough time before your project start date, and grant distribution. All eligible applications are considered however in each funding round we receive more applications than we can support.  Please understand that funds are naturally limited and we regret that Golden Bay Cement cannot support every sponsorship application made.

Funding Round

Closing Date for FULL Applications

Committee Meeting

Grant Distribution Date


31 August

14 September

Last Friday in September


31 October

14 November

Last Friday in November


28 February

14 March

Last Friday in March


30 April

14 May

Last Friday in May


15 June

22 June

Last Friday in June

Terms and Conditions:

Sponsorship recipients agree to the following terms and conditions should they be approved for sponsorship:

  1. Only not for profit entities may apply
  2. All sponsorships or donations must be utilised exclusively for the purposes stated in the sponsorship application and as per the timetable unless written approval has been provided by GBC Winstone prior to any modification, otherwise GBC Winstone reserves the right to request reimbursement.

  3. The sponsorship provided by GBC Winstone must be recognised orally and in writing in the promotion or advertising throughout the activity, initiative or project as described in the sponsorship application.

  4. Sponsorship recipients authorise GBC Winstone to publish their name, nature and description of the project, the amount of the sponsorship and any photographs of the activity, initiative or project for business and promotional purposes.

  5. Sponsorship recipients agree to provide a written report to GBC Winstone within two months following the end of the sponsored activity, initiative or project indicating the results and the outcome, and authorises GBC Winstone to reproduce any text in the report either whole or in part for business or promotional purposes.

  6. Whenever possible, the sponsorship recipients agree to provide pictures of the activity, initiative or project and authorise GBC Winstone to reproduce these pictures either whole or in part for business and promotional purposes.  Pictures should be submitted with the written report noted in condition 4 above.  Sponsorship recipients agree that they will obtain the consent of any person that appears in the picture to (i) take the picture; (ii) provide the picture to GBC Winstone and (iii) allow GBC Winstone to publish the picture for its own purposes. 

  7. Sponsorship recipients agree to promptly inform GBC Winstone and reimburse the sponsorship in whole or in part is so requested by GBC Winstone, in the event of:

    1. Incorrect or inexact information included in the application form;

    2. Project is abandoned or needs to be abandoned

    3. Sponsorship funds are not utilised within the period specified

    4. Sponsorship funds are utilised for expenses other than those specified in the application form

  8. Any decision made by GBC Winstone Sponsorship Committee is final and made at the sole discretion of the Committee.  We accept and understand that no explanation for any decision made regarding our application needs to be provided.  A sponsorship application creates no rights for the sponsorship applicant and no obligations for GBC Winstone. 
  9. All successful sponsorship recipients must provide banking confirmation including an account in the name of the sponsorship recipients and not trustee’s personal accounts.