Our Community

Golden Bay Cement is committed to making a positive difference in our community. Our focus is on developing programmes that strengthen and improve the communities in which we operate.

Our Sponsorship Fund supports local projects that bring the community together or enhance the environment. The Fund is focussed in areas in which our quarries and cement plant are located.  It is just one way we recognise the importance of local communities to our operations.

Bringing Communities Together:

Our Sponsorship Fund brings people together in activities that will have a positive effect on many people within that community. We take a long-term interest in Northland and offer the community:

  • Employment to over 150 locals
  • Investment in the local economy by drawing most of our supplies from the Whangarei area and as a major user of Northland’s infrastructure; roads, port facilities and utilities
  • On-going interests in many businesses in the Whangarei area including sponsorship of Portland School and Kindergarten, Portland Fire Brigade and the Whangarei Chamber of Commerce.

At the Portland and the Hikurangi sites we have reinstated areas affected by our plant and quarry operations. These include:

  • Lake Waro
  • A fish pass on the Otaika River
  • Wetland and coastal walkways at Portland
  • Undertaken major sponsorship of Matakohe / Limestone Island. This previous site of the historic cement plant now has reserve status and is being restored to provide a predator free home to kiwi and other native and translocated species.

How is Funding Allocated?

We review all sponsorship applications against the fund’s objectives and criteria. Priority is given to those groups that:

  • Request product (for example, sand and aggregate) over monetary donations
  • Support local communities in a way that helps them help themselves and delivers measurable benefits to the community
  • Are wide reaching within the local community.

Sponsorship Criteria

Any charitable trust, incorporate society, sports club or school that promotes community spirit or environmental sustainability can apply for sponsorship. Priority is given to groups or projects located in the areas surrounding our Whangarei operations, including Hikurangi and Portland.

Typically we will not Fund:

  • Groups or projects that are not within 30 km of one of our sites
  • Individuals
  • Groups that have been in existence for less than 12 months
  • Applications submitted on behalf of a third party
  • Activities that appeal to a very small group or which exclude or discriminate
  • Overseas organisations, projects or activities
  • Applications for initiatives that will take place outside of the region in which the application was submitted
  • Requests in excess of $500
  • Religious or political promotion
  • Organisations associated with tobacco, drug or alcohol consumption
  • School sports groups or clubs that do not reach the wider community
  • Operational or salary costs
  • Trips with requests for travel, accommodation and food costs
  • Applications submitted by an employee of GBC Winstone.

How to Apply:

Check the criteria to see whether you are eligible to apply and send your proposal to sponsorship@winstoneaggregates.co.nz

There are five funding rounds each year (see below). Please apply in plenty of time to ensure that there is enough time before your project start date, and grant distribution. All viable applications are considered however in each funding round we receive more applications than we can support.

Funding Round

Closing Date - FULL Applications

Committee Meeting

Grant Distribution Date


31 August

14 September

Last Friday in September


31 October

14 November

Last Friday in November


28 February

14 March

Last Friday in March


30 April

14 May

Last Friday in May


30 June

14 July

Last Friday in July

What to Include in your Proposal:

Contact Details:

  • Contact person
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Sponsorship Details:

  • Organisation name
  • Organisation details (including history, values, objectives etc)
  • Project details
  • Project history and background
  • Key audiences
  • What support you are looking for
  • Any benefits you feel Winstone Aggregates will get from the grant (include tangible and intangible benefits)
  • Financials and budgetary information for the project (including how the project is being funded)
  • How you will evaluate the success of the project

Terms and Conditions:

  • All decisions regarding sponsorship are made at the sole discretion of GBC Winstone
  • Only non-profit entities may apply
  • Donation recipients accept that the allocation will be applied only for the purpose stated. Acceptance of the donation will be deemed to confirm that the allocation has or will be applied accordingly. Should this not occur, the amount gifted is immediately repayable to GBC Winstone by the recipient
  • The recipient agrees that GBC Winstone may use recipients names, photographs and logos for promotional purposes
  • The value of your donation and your organisation’s name will be made available to the public
  • Additional terms and conditions may be imposed as the committee sees fit, these will be advised prior to acceptance by the applicant.