Our Environment

In everything we do, we operate with the environment as a key consideration. It is our goal to minimise our impact on the environment and make better use of the resources we use. Sustainability is at the heart of our vision.

Vision: Zero Harm. Zero Waste.

Environmental Policy

  • Golden Bay Cement is committed to proactive environmental management to minimise the effects of our operations on the environment.
  • We are committed to the methods of operation which conserve energy, minimise waste and achieve optimal performance, in order to protect the environment.
  • We will enhance our performance through sustainable and efficient use of resources.

Strategic Environmental Objectives:

  • To achieve and maintain regulatory compliance for all activities and locations
  • Identify environmental issues and improve performance
  • Increase awareness of, and commitment to, improving environmental performance for all individuals in Golden Bay Cement activities
  • Reduce waste and better utilise our resources
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Improve the visual appearance of all sites
  • To ensure that the cement industry is represented at all levels of environmental policy development.


Guide for Works Involving Cement & Concrete

Click the following link to the Auckland Regional Council Guide for Works Involving Cement & Concrete