EverFast Cement Type HE

EverFast Type HE is a finely-ground, portland cement, specially crafted to achieve higher early strengths.

Chemically similar to EverSure Type GP, EverFast is ideal for use in structural concrete, concrete products, domestic concrete, mortars and grouts – and it’s additional properties are perfect for precast structures that demand a higher early strength.


EverFast is produced under strict quality control using carefully selected raw materials. While the cement is chemically similar to EverSure Type GP, we manufacture EverFast using a larger surface area to speed up the chemical reaction.

EverFast Type HE is ideal for applications demanding strength in the early stages of concrete production.

EverFast Type HE cement meets and exceeds the minimum specification set out in NZS3122:2009. Our  testing laboratory is IANZ accredited and we have TELARC certification for our ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


Due to its unique properties, EverFast is the product of choice for all applications requiring high strength in the early stages of concrete production.

Suited for use in precast concrete applications or construction operations. 

EverFast is also well suited to general concrete applications throughout the residential, commercial and infrastructural sectors.


EverFast Type HE cement is available in multi walled paper stacks from Golden Bay Cement stockists and in bulk from certain service or distribution centres.

everfast HE
everfast HE
Typical Properties

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