EverPlus Fly Ash Class C

Fly ash is a fine powder that is a byproduct of burning pulverized coal in electric generation power plants and is used to improve the workability and durability of concrete and concrete products.
EverPlus Class C Fly Ash is mixed in combination with EverSure Type GP providing an effective solution to complex design and constructional requirements.


Produced through the burning of sub-bituminous coal, EverPlus Class C Fly Ash is a product that produces cementitious compounds through the reaction of silica and alumina with water and free lime.

EverPlus’s unique ability to harden and gain strength in the presence of water alone makes it the ideal component to harden and enhance your concrete products. It also contains pozzolanic properties, and provides an increased sulphate and chloride resistance.

EverPlus Class C Fly Ash meets the requirements detailed in AS/NZS3582.1, and the chemical composition outlined in ASTM C618.


EverPlus Class C Fly Ash is the ideal component to a number of concrete mixes and concrete products used throughout construction, including:

  • Plastic concrete: EverPlus provides workability enhancement, placement and finishing efficiency, pumping efficiency and reduced water demand.
  • Hardened concrete: EverPlus improves engineering design efficiency, reduces drying shrinkage where lower demands are achieved, and increases long-term compressive strength development.



EverPlus Class C Fly Ash is available in multi-walled paper sacks and in bulk.

everplus flyash
everplus flyash
Typical Properties

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