EverSure Cement Type GP

EverSure Type GP cement is a Portland cement with a quality and consistency that make it the first choice for cement for New Zealand.

Well-suited for a range of uses including domestic concrete, structural concrete, concrete products, mortars, grouts and soil stabilisation.


Using a range of carefully selected raw materials, EverSure is manufactured under strict quality control – ensuring the cement consistently reaches it’s high standard of durability and strength. Each batch undergoes testing support and certification from the IANZ accredited lab.

The end product is a reliable, durable and versatile cement – compatible for most environments and uses throughout our country.

EverSure Type GP cement meets and exceeds the minimum specification set out in NZS3122:2009.  Our  testing laboratory is IANZ accredited and we have TELARC certification for our ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


EverSure Type GP cement is ideal for most cement uses. From ready-mix concrete applications, to high strength precast concretes, EverSure is the cement of choice throughout the residential, commercial and infrastructural sectors.

Other application uses include mortar, render, grout or stabilisation for road construction.


EverSure Type GP cement is available in multi walled paper stacks from Golden Bay Cement stockists and in bulk from one of our service or distribution centres around the country.

everysure typeg
everysure typeg
everysure typeg
everysure typeg

Typical Properties

Typical Properties
EverSure Type GP Cement SL & SR performance

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