Who we are

As New Zealand’s longest standing cement manufacturer, Golden Bay are proud to deliver a genuine New Zealand product of the finest quality – fit for a wide range of applications and backed by technical expertise and support.

When you partner with Golden Bay, you’re backed by a team of over 200 employees leading the way to building a better tomorrow with sustainable low carbon cement.


Co2 2030

30% less carbon by 2030


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 30% by 2030 and are already well on the path to exceed this target. By reducing our dependence on fossil fuel and replacing coal by 50% with waste tyres and construction wood waste combined with the latest binder technology has allowed us to offer today NZ’s lowest carbon GP cement at scale. We aim to follow this with a further reduction as we continue to move to a circular construction industry and lead the way to a zero-carbon future for cement binders in New Zealand. 



Our Products

Eco Sure Cement Bag 40kg
EcoSure Cement Type GP
EcoSure Cement Type GP

EcoSure Type GP cement is NZ's lowest carbon GP cement with a quality and consistency that make it the first choice for cement for New Zealand.

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EcoZero Website homepage
EcoZero Type GP Cement
EcoZero Type GP Cement

EcoZero is a carbon neutral* GP cement. Made with EcoSure, NZ’s lowest carbon GP cement, the remaining carbon in EcoZero is offset through quality carbon credits sourced and cancelled by Toitū Envirocare.

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EcoFast Cement Bag 40kg
EcoFast Cement Type HE
EcoFast Cement Type HE

EcoFast® Type HE cement is a Portland cement, finely ground to achieve high early strengths. It’s strength properties are best-utilised in applications where higher early strengths are required.

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Silica fume Cement Bag
Silica Fume
Silica Fume

Silica Fume, is a by-product of producing silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys in electric furnaces. The fumes emitted from furnace operation are collected and sold as silica fume. It's used to provide an increase in durability in concrete.

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EPD 07072023 v2 Declare Label 2023

Environmental product certifications 

Golden Bay is committed to sustainable products and product transparency which is central to our strategy, vision and values. Understanding the environmental impacts of a building is increasingly important to owners, designers, engineers, architects and their customers. Which is why at Golden Bay we have made it easy to make a sustainable choice and hold third party certification through our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of our Global Warming Potential (GWP).  It’s important to know your GWP number when designing your project, so you can assess how all the elements in your building come together across embodied and operational carbon to create a sustainable low carbon project. 

“Golden Bay are and have always been very customer focused, they have a great team around their products.”

Steve Bowers

Managing Director, Bowers Brothers

“Golden Bays total commitment to product quality and customer support as well as being 100% New Zealand made dovetails with our own philosophies.
We look forward to another 30 years of continued association.”

Don Mahoney

Managing Director, Supacrete Concrete

“At Counties Ready Mix we believe that it is important for us and our customers to be using a New Zealand made product. Golden Bay provides this and is backed up with a great team of good people giving technical support and assistance.
We look forward to continuing our long association with Golden Bay.”

Graham Payne

Managing Director, Counties ReadyMix

“Golden Bay have always supported our business’s with reliable supply and technical expertise when required.”

Paul Cane

Managing Director, Stresscrete Precast