About Us

Golden Bay have built an enviable reputation as New Zealand’s reliable manufacturer and distributor of cement products – leading the industry in New Zealand for over 100 years. We’re proud to continue to develop sustainable binder solutions for the construction industry. Our GP cement, EcoSure, already has 27% less CO2e than the ISC 2020 baseline, and we’re continuing to lead the way in decarbonisation for a sustainable future. 

Our history

Golden Bay Company started a humble beginning operating in Golden Bay in 1909, whilst the NZ Portland Cement Company were working on Limestone Island and Wilson’s Cement Co. were in Warkworth.

After NZ Portland Cement Company abandoned works on Limestone Island in 1918, moved to Portland and merged with Wilson's Cement Co, the community began to take form as we know it today. Golden Bay took ownership of the cement works – and we’ve since grown to become New Zealand’s longest standing cement manufacturer and supplier.

We’ve built a legacy as an integral part of New Zealand’s history. And our dedicated team will continue this legacy of success, well into our future. We’re proudly supporting the construction industry as it evolves, and boast the finest quality products to suit any application – commercial, residential, and infrastructural.

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Our values

We have a long history of cement manufacture and distribution. While our business continues to evolve, shaping the culture of our people so that everyone feels connected and their work is important is fundamental to the success of Golden Bay.

The values we uphold guide our conduct and relationships to represent Golden Bay both internally with our colleagues but also externally with our customers, and the wider industry.

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Our capability

From our manufacturing plant in Portland, we produce bagged and bulk cement products for a diverse range of uses, all across the country.
With over 200 talented staff and 11 service or distribution centres, Golden Bay has the capability to consistently deliver New Zealand high quality, reliable cement.

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Into the future: sustainability for our business and our country

Sustainable practice is the underlying force behind our journey as we strive for maximum productivity with a minimum carbon footprint.

Supporting and cherishing our community means managing natural resources, taking responsibility for our energy consumption, and giving back to the community in every possible way.

Our ongoing initiatives involve consistently improving energy efficiency and reduction of waste. We also work alongside local iwi and government bodies, joining forces to create sustainable development within New Zealand's proud construction industry.

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Committed customer service

Our 6 promises demonstrate the value we place on building lasting relationships with our customers. They lay a foundation for our standards and dedication towards you – so you always know what to expect, and how we plan to deliver.

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Our people

Today, our team is a tight-knit community of over 200 staff - spanning generations and instilling a dedication that's driven our business success. Whats unified each and every one of our employees is the dedication and commitment that drives our business’s success.

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