Why is it important to us

Sustainability underpins everything we do at Golden Bay, as we lead the industry in pioneering sustainable and ethical practices with minimal impact on the environment. We are proud to already offer the lowest carbon GP cement in New Zealand.

30 by 30

Our promise of
30% less carbon by 2030

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 30% by 2030 and are already well on the path to exceed this target. By reducing our dependence on fossil fuel and replacing coal by 50% with waste tyres and construction wood waste combined with our effort of reformulating our product has allowed us to offer today NZ’s lowest carbon GP cement a scale.

Sustainability Project Timeline

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Wood Biomass Substitution


The suspension preheater tower was modified to allow construction and demolition waste and natural wood biomass substitution to be introduce as a replacement for thermal coal. The addition of this alternate fuel to the process, has allowed us to obtain 30%+ coal substitution. This is without mentioning the significant reduction on CO2 emissions and the diversion of more than 80,000 tonnes of wood waste.

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Waste End of Life Tyres


The installation of a 2nd Alternate fuels handling system designed to feed chipped tyres to be coprocessed was completed to allow alternate fuel usage to be increased by up to another 20%. The 2nd feed system has allowed Golden Bay to push its thermal coal substation rates up to as high as 52% further reducing coal use and CO2 emissions

EcoSure Timeline

Launch of EcoSure


After another period of extensive product development and performance testing, Golden Bay have been able to successfully apply a newer binder technology to further reduce the carbon content of our products whilst maintaining high product quality standards. We are now in the position offer the lowest GP cement in New Zealand, EcoSure.

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What's next..

Our journey doesn’t stop here, as we continue to work on our product development. Applying the latest binder technology and drive relentlessly the replacement of coal with our next milestone, a new waste stream for alternative fuel that would allow us to get 80%+ substitution rate.

Eastport 360

Our Environmental Strategy


Addressing climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face globally. We recognise that as an organisation we have a part to play in preventing climate change, and for this reason we have committed to achieving a 30% reduction in emissions by 2030.

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Our NZ made cement has been independently assessed to demonstrate 27% lower carbon emissions per tonne of cement than the ISCA 2020 Baseline.  


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Our Communities


We are driven to have a positive impact on the world around us and be a good neighbour.

Golden Bay recognises and acknowledges the kaupapa (values and vision) of iwi and hapu of the communities in which we operate.


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These values include Rangatiratanga: seeking opportunities to develop self-determination of tangata whenua through mana Atua, Mana Tupuna and mana Whenua; and Kaitiakitanga: the responsibility of protecting the environment for future generations.

Golden Bay is committed to working with tangata whenua to support the development of sustainable values of both parties, in an environment of manaakitanga: elevating prestige through generosity and mutual respect; to achieve cultural, environmental, social and economic aspirations. This commitment is reflected in the Te Hononga/relationship agreement Golden Bay has with Te Pouwhenua o Tiakiriri Kukupa Trust (Pouwhenua), who represent several iwi groups in the South Whangarei area, Ngai Tahuhu – Ngati Tu, Ngati Whatua and Ngato Ruangaio.

From Pouwhenua’s perspective the relationship agreement allows for issues and concerns of future development are addressed, and methods are done so with cultural sensitivity. Golden Bay is committed to providing opportunities for Pouwhenua to reconnect to their rohe, support environmental initiatives and develop a mātauranga Maori monitoring programme. The Te Hononga is intended to provide a pathway to enable and maintain the long-term aspirations of Pouwhenua to be achieved and align with the ongoing development of our operations.