January & February 2021 business updates

1 March 2021

New Tanker Fleet

At Golden Bay our fleet risk management strategy is important to us. We are all about providing a safe workplace environment, where all steps are taken to minimise any potential risk.

There have been significant advancement in heavy-duty truck safety systems over the last several years. Some of these include basic truck component like brakes and tires and such recent technological advancements as stability control and lane departure systems.

Cement truck 7

One of the most important benefits that come with upgrading our commercial fleet vehicles is to improve vehicle technology. From rear view cameras, additional air bags, hands-free smartphone connections, and improved navigation systems, new vehicle technology reduces the likelihood of driving accidents and protects driver safety.  Having a vehicle and tanker replacement strategy in place improves the reliability of our equipment helping towards our orders being delivered on time.

These also give us the opportunity to continue rolling our branding proposition throughout the country highlighting “our NZ made cement is genuine NZ grade cement”

Aotearoa Chief

Golden Bay’s chartered ship the Aotearoa Chief was recently drydocked at Devonport to undertake its 5 yearly survey to determine compliance with the requirements of its class capabilities.  We are happy to say it passed with flying colours!  The opportunity was also taken to clean and paint the hull and deck and undertake essential maintenance to ensure efficient and disruption free sailing for the next five years. She left the dock on the 20th of January on time and budget.

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Trains return to Northland...

Golden Bay is extremely proud to have had the opportunity to be on board the first train from Whangarei last week following the stage 1 refurbishment programme of Kiwi Rail.

In January 2020 the Government announced a $109.7 million investment on the Northland rail and part of this significant investment was used to upgrade the Northland line between Swanson and Whangarei (a line that is over 100 years old).

The re-opening of the rail line between Whangarei and West Auckland was on time and only began a year ago.

The work done included replacing five bridges and lowering tracks in 13 tunnels in just seven months, to allow the passage of hi-cube shipping containers in and out of Northland by rail.

This is without a doubt a major improvement for the Northlands region and provides Golden Bay more options and flexibility within our Supply Chain. 

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