Our Profile

Our NZ made cement is genuine NZ grade cement.

Golden Bay Cement is proud to be New Zealand’s longest standing cement manufacturer 

Our history

The late 1800’s saw Nathaniel and John Wilson form John Wilson and Co – building a kiln, producing hydraulic lime, and manufacturing the first Portland Cement in New Zealand. By the early 1900’s, their works had 3 kilns and a capacity of 100 tonnes per week.

Cement manufacturing became a vast and abundant industry throughout New Zealand. The Golden Bay Cement Company, the NZ Portland Cement Company, Dominion Portland Cement Co and Wilson’s Cement Co. were all thriving in different areas throughout New Zealand.

Over the years, NZ Portland Cement Co, Dominion Portland Cement Co. and Wilson’s Cement Co. merged together. Golden Bay Cement moved to Portland and took ownership of the plant, and the business as we know it today began to take form.

In 1988, Golden Bay Cement merged with Wilson’s Cement Co and Fletcher Building Limited took full ownership – securing a sustainable future for New Zealand’s cement production. Today, we’re committed to continue our lasting legacy of success well into New Zealand’s future.


At Warkworth, former shoemaker Nathaniel Wilson built a kiln and produced hydraulic lime.


Mr. John and Mr. James joined their brother Nathaniel, and formed a private company, known as Messrs. John Wilson & Company producing hydraulic lime.


The first commercial quantities of Portland cement produced in the Southern Hemisphere by John Wilson & Co.


NZ Portland Cement Co. was formed and operated on Matakohe (Limestone) Island in Whangarei Harbour


The name of John Wilson & Company was changed to Wilsons Portland Cement Company Ltd (WPCC)


The Golden Bay Cement Company, a separate entity, started operations in Golden Bay, South Island.


William Wilson, recently retired from WPCC, and George Winstone formed the Dominion Portland Cement Co. Ltd. (DPCC). Cement manufacturing commenced at the present Portland site located approximately 10 km South of Whangarei, utilising the local Portland rock and high-grade limestone sourced from Waro (40km North of Whangarei).


DPCC installed two rotary kilns, 48.8 m long x 2.59 m diameter giving a total plant capacity of approximately 100,000 tonnes per annum


WPCC and the New Zealand Portland Cement Company purchased the assets of the financially troubled DPCC which became Wilson’s (New Zealand) Portland Cement Limited


NZ Portland Cement Co. ceased Operations on Limestone Island.


Wilsons Collieries Ltd., a subsidiary of Wilson (New Zealand) Portland Cement Ltd, formed to operate a coal mine to supply the cement works, at Waro, near Hikurangi, 32 km North of Portland


Number 3 rotary kiln (ex Limestone Island Works) lengthened and installed at Portland cement works.


Number 4 rotary kiln (ex Limestone Island Works) lengthened and installed at Portland cement works.


Three kilns were converted to the Wet process to enhance cement properties and produce a rapid hardening cement. Clinker production capacity at Portland increased to 200,000 tonnes per annum


Operations ceased at the Warkworth Cement works


Fifth rotary kiln (83.5m long) was installed at Portland Cement works. The total plant production capacity was now 260,000 tonnes per annum.


Cement carrier “Golden Bay” enters service.


Flotation plant came into operation.


Cement carrier “Nathaniel Wilson” enters service.




MV John Wilson enters service


MV Ligar Bay enters service.


Number 6 rotary kiln (141.7 m long) installed.  The capacity of the Portland Cement Works was now 460,000 tonnes per annum using the ‘wet’ process


Cement carrier “Nathaniel Wilson” disposed of.


Wilson’s (New Zealand) Portland Cement became part of Golden Bay Cement owned by the Winstone Group.


Flotation system abandoned.


MV Cement King enters service.  High-grade limestone quarry developed at Wilsonville (adjacent to the Waro quarry)


No's 3 and 4 kilns ceased production.


Cement carrier “Golden Bay” (old) disposed of.


MV Golden Bay enters service.  MV Ligar Bay disposed of.




August No. 6 kiln ceased production while the conversion to the “dry” process was completed.


The ‘dry’ process was introduced to the No. 6 kiln, with all earlier kilns being scrapped or mothballed. With a capacity of 430,000 tonnes per annum the energy consumption was almost halved by moving away from the wet process. A new raw mill and meal silos were built at the same time.


MV John Wilson disposed of.


Millionth tonne of clinker produced after the “dry” process conversion.


The company was purchased by Fletcher Building, but its brand name of Golden Bay Cement was retained.


Golden Bay (Tarakohe) Plant closed.  No. 6 Cement Mill commissioned and No's 1, 2 and 3 Cement Mills ceased operation.


MV Cement King disposed of.


Cement mill control converted to SCADA system.


X-ray fluorescence laboratory quality control was installed, and a high-level process logic control computer system was introduced increasing capacity to 600,000 tonnes per annum.
Automatic bagger and palletiser commissioned




Water reclaim system commissioned.


Cement plant in Bolivia was purchased (Emisa).


Iron Addition Project commissioned to introduce iron sand into the raw meal and improve process performance.


Limestone introduced into GP Cement.


Purchase of Microsilica NZ Ltd.




Process control system upgrade with ECS/SRD from FLSA


High level Fuzzy Logic PC installed


Introduction of bio-fuel as a partial replacement for coal.


New Coal mill, Crossbar cooler, main burner and inline precalciner installed.


Fly ash cement extender system installed for no4 and no5 cement millsCement mill 6 converted to closed circuit by Christian Pfeiffer. Raw material stacker-reclaimer installed and kiln feed system upgraded.


Cement barge “Marsden Bay” enters service.


Gas train upgrade completed with cyclones 1 replacement and new main bag filter installed. Portland now has an annual capacity of 850,000 tonnes per annum.


“Eastport” (Auckland depot) relocated from Hamer Street to Bledisloe Wharf.


MV Aotearoa Chief commissioned.


Silo 9 and new marine bulk loadout facility commissioned.  MV Golden Bay sold.




Vision and values

What’s been essential throughout our 100 years of success is our constant drive towards the future, our determination, and our commitment to each other.  We want to be NZ's undisputed leader in cement.

We’ve always held the trust of the industry to consistently provide for the country.  Being genuine is part of our fundamental approach to how we work as a team and work with our customers.

Our Values

  • Protect: the safety and protection of our people is at the heart of what we do, everyday. 
  • Be bold: we enhance our ability to innovate and drive a growing business for our shareholders, customers, communities and employees, by making bold decisions.
  • Customer leading: we strive to not only put our customers first, but be ahead of the game for them, every day.
  • Better together: our roles and customers will change, but we will always build better, together.


Today our resources and teams stretch to all corners of New Zealand, and we’re proud to operate our Portland cement plant with a 967,000 tonne capacity.

With service and distribution centres in Auckland, Mt Maunganui, New Plymouth, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill we’ve ensured that every Kiwi has access to our Genuine New Zealand made Portland Cement.

At our service centre in Auckland we have the capability to make a preblended product.  Special weighing equipment allows us to accurately blend the various individual products we stock at specified levels.

We operate with:

  • 830 ISO tanks
  • 204 talented staff
  • 41 cement road tankers
  • 6 service centres
  • 5 distribution centres
  • 2 marine vessels
  • 1 cement plant
“Golden Bay are and have always been very customer focused, they have a great team around their products.”

Steve Bowers

Managing Director, Bowers Brothers

“Golden Bay Cements total commitment to product quality and customer support as well as being 100% New Zealand made dovetails with our own philosophies.
We look forward to another 30 years of continued association.”

Don Mahoney

Managing Director, Supacrete Concrete

“At Counties Ready Mix we believe that it is important for us and our customers to be using a New Zealand made product. Golden Bay Cement provides this and is backed up with a great team of good people giving technical support and assistance.
We look forward to continuing our long association with Golden Bay Cement.”

Graham Payne

Managing Director, Counties ReadyMix

“Golden Bay have always supported our business’s with reliable supply and technical expertise when required.”

Paul Cane

Managing Director, Stresscrete Precast

“Golden Bay are a supplier that are true to their word and deliver a reliable product backed up by good service and technical knowledge.”

Anthony Bitossi

General Manager, Stevenson Concrete

“Working with GBC is a real pleasure. They have a great team of guys to support us, a very good product, and if a problem does arise always available to assist.”

Brian Grant

Director, Christchurch Readymix