EcoZero Type GP Cement

EcoZero is a carbon neutral* GP cement. Made with EcoSure, NZ’s lowest carbon GP cement, the remaining carbon in EcoZero is offset through quality carbon credits sourced and cancelled by Toitū Envirocare.

EcoZero is suited for a range of uses including domestic concrete, structural concrete, concrete products, mortars, grouts and soil stabilisation, where you want a carbon neutral option.

Available in 20kg and 40kg bags through PlaceMakers

Offset Programme

Golden Bay is working with Toitu Envirocare to purchase and cancel the carbon credits for offsetting the CO2 emissions in EcoZero. Toitū Envirocare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, a Government-owned Crown Research Institute which leads businesses to sustain the future of our environment and economy with credible environmental certification. Toitū Envirocare is audited by ICROA for their offset policies and practices as meeting the highest international standards of environmental integrity and in support for the Paris Agreement.

What is a carbon credit?

A carbon credit is a financial instrument that represents one tonne of CO2e. Toitū Envirocare sources carbon credits from projects that store, avoid or reduce carbon emissions. Cancelling one carbon credit, balances the atmospheric impact of emitting one tonne of CO2e.

Carbon Credits Purchased

Carbon credits purchased to offset the CO2e in EcoZero are part of an abatement programme, as Golden Bay work to decarbonise cement, we want to support other projects that are working to produce less carbon in the atmosphere. We’ve worked closely with Toitū Envirocare to select a reputable project that is helping to reduce the amount of carbon produced in the world.

Golden Bay is supporting the improvement of cookstoves in Bangladesh. Replacing traditional cooking stoves that were inefficient and emitted fumes resulting in poor air quality. These stoves are having an impact on the health of residents, particularly women and children. The implementation of this project not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also results in less fuel being needed. The project further contributes to the sustainable development of the area by reducing pressure on forest reserves, providing employment opportunities, and reducing fuel costs for households.

*EcoZero’s Carbon Neutral Status is calculated from cradle to gate of Golden Bay’s Portland Manufacturing facility. The offsets purchased, cancel the carbon credits from manufacture and exclude any carbon from transport from Portland to the retailer.


EcoZero is manufactured under strict quality control using carefully selected raw materials. We ensure the cement consistently reaches a high standard for strength and durability. Each batch undergoes testing and certification from an IANZ accredited lab. EcoZero Carbon Neutral* GP Cement exceeds the minimum specification set out in NZS 3122: 2009.

Our technical cement experts are based in New Zealand and are leaders in their field offering customer support as needed, ensuring a reliable, durable and versatile cement, compatible for most environments and uses through New Zealand.


EcoZero Carbon Neutral* GP Cement is ideal for general use. EcoZero can be used from ready-mix applications through to high strength concrete, and 20kg and 40kg bags make it ideal for DIY concrete applications. EcoZero is the ideal cement of choice for carbon neutral concrete throughout the residential, commercial, and industrial industries.

Typical Properties
EcoZero Type GP Cement SL & SR Performance

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